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SR Cosmetics - Perfect Eye Cream Nana

SR Cosmetics - Perfect Eye Cream Nana

Specifically formulated for the sensitive and fine skin of the neck and eye areas, SR Cosmetics - Perfect Eye Cream Nana Mint Eye and Neck Cream offers a well-rounded approach to skincare. It is enriched with ceramides that nourish the epidermis while ensuring optimal moisture retention. The cream’s active vitamins, flavonoids, and arbutin serve to whiten the skin and fortify blood vessels. A refreshing touch is added with mint extract, which provides a cooling effect that alleviates puffiness and enhances microcirculation. Its application helps mitigate the aging process, diminishes the onset of wrinkles, and inhibits the emergence of age spots.


  • Tailored for delicate neck and eye skin.
  • Contains ceramides for optimal hydration.
  • Active vitamins and flavonoids for skin whitening.
  • Mint extract for cooling and anti-puffiness.
  • Slows aging and minimizes wrinkle formation.


Сan be used twice daily. Apply a small amount under the eyes by patting or lightly massaging until absorbed. For use around the eyes, neck d'colletage and the lip areas.

Additional Information
Skin TypeAll Skin types
Skin problemWrinkles

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