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NBC Haviva Rivkin Cosmetics

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NBC Haviva Rivkin - Herbal Shampoo

Because this shampoo contains plant extracts, vitamins, honey and microelements, it can be used dail..


NBC Haviva Rivkin - Lotion for Blemished Skin

A refreshing, invigorating astringent, containing alcohol, humectants and plant extracts that deep c..


NBC Haviva Rivkin - Lotion for Blemished Skin No.2

An effective formula especially recommended for skin blemished by pigmentation marks and blackheads...


NBC Haviva Rivkin - Peeling Mask

Description: This unique formula purifies the skin to a firm tone. Its mild antiseptic and astr..


NBC Haviva Rivkin - Purifying Liquid Cleanser

This mild, liquid cleanser deep cleanses, reduces excess oil and gently removes dirt. Its antiseptic..


NBC Haviva Rivkin - Pimple Drier

Contains compounds that fight skin problems like acne. Combines elements of deep disinfect wounds an..