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Magiray - Active Alpha Serum 220ml

Renovating for all skin types.Magiray - Active Alpha Serum is an active blend of plant extracts wi..


Magiray - Algactive Modeling Peel Off Mask 750ml

Magiray - Algactive Modeling Peel Off Mask tightens loose and sagging skin, improves skin’s resilien..


Magiray - AstriFin Clay Mask 200ml

Magiray - AstriFin Clay Mask is a facial mask based on Dead Sea mud and white clay for oily skin. Co..


Magiray - Balance Plus Hisherbs Skin Moisturizer

Magiray - Balance Plus Hisherbs Skin Moisturizer provides moistening and protection for all skin typ..


Magiray - Beauty C Puree 29 250ml

Magiray - Beauty C Puree 29  is a skin lightening fruit puree with high level of natural vitami..


Magiray - Beauty Peel Puree 37 250ml

Exfoliating fruit puree contains kiwi, green papaya and pineapple pulp and extracts, rich in natural..


Magiray - Berries Shampoo Gel

Saturated with medicinal herbs extracts. Surrounds the body with aroma of tropical fruits, gives the..


Magiray - Clarity Peel AHA Foam

Magiray - Clarity Peel AHA Foam is an extremely soft and handy in use foam that provides quick and e..


Magiray - CLC Extra Rich Revitalizer

Rich cream for dry & fading skin effectively fights visible signs of aging due to its unique com..


Magiray - CLC Eye & Lip Gel Contour Lifting

The formula specially designed for delicate skin around the eye. Reduces puffiness, minimizes dark c..


Magiray - CLC Eye & Lip Lifting Contour Cream

Tender CLC cream-serum with prolonged effect for care of eye contour area at the age of 25+. Contain..


Magiray - CLC Wrinkle Away Face Cream

Magiray - CLC Wrinkle Away Face Cream is especially designed for wrinkle reduction and prevention of..


Magiray - Day Protect Mineral Powder SPF 20

Natural loose powder specially designed to protect facial skin from harmful external factors. Contai..


Magiray - Deco Cream

Deco-cream (Deco-cream) - a new peptide cream to fight wrinkles, designed with the latest scientific..


Magiray - Deco Drops Skin Firming Care

Firming active serum for thin, tired and aging skin is designed to improve its elasticity. Serum has..


Magiray - Edele Bio Cream SPF 18

Magiray - Edele Bio Cream SPF 18 is a tender cream for care of combination face and neck skin. ..


Magiray - Edele Bio Scrub

Gentle preparation that softly but thoroughly cleanses the skin from any kind of contamination. Cont..


Magiray - Edele Bio Serum

Serum with light, tender texture is exceptionally rich in biologically active substances, which inte..


Magiray - Edele Eye Cream

Gentle cream with a rich complex of active components is formulated especially for delicate skin aro..


Magiray - Extra Light Finishing Cream

Extra-light face cream for all skin types, including problematic skin prone to redness and irritatio..


Magiray - Extra Rich Finishing Cream

Extra-nourishing cream with a pronounced effect reivitalizatsii for dry, limp and normal mature skin..


Magiray - Foot Cream

The cream contains a complex of 14 vegetable oils, providing intensive skin nourishment of foot skin..


Magiray - GlycoCare Renewing Complex

The complex consists of 2 products – Glyco-Cream (AHA-16%; BHA-2%) and peel-off Glyco-Mask (AHA-9%)...


Magiray - Hand Cream 500ml

Nourishing hand cream contains a complex of 14 natural oils and urea is enriched with Dead Sea water..