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Kart - Professional Feet Cornex Gel

Kart - Professional Feet Cornex Gel

Kart - Professional Feet Cornex Gel is formulated to effectively treat and remove corns and calluses. Enriched with natural elements like fig milk, asphodel plant roots, and horseradish leaf concentrate, the gel's composition aids in softening the skin and dissolving calluses. Relief from discomfort in targeted areas is offered, while the accumulation of dead skin cells is slowed, reducing the likelihood of new corn and callus formation. Recommended for professional use, a smooth and healthy foot condition is achieved when the gel is applied as directed.


  • Treats corns and calluses
  • Enriched with fig milk
  • Contains asphodel plant roots
  • Includes horseradish leaf concentrate
  • Softens the skin
  • Dissolves calluses
  • Provides pain relief
  • Slows dead skin cell generation
  • Recommended for professional use


Every evening for 6 days, drop one drop of Cornex Gel on the corns, wait until it dries completely, and cover with a plaster. After the removal procedure, continue treatment with Cornex Gel for several days for prevention.

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