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GIGI - Acnon Multi Peeling

GIGI - Acnon Multi Peeling - A unique complex peeling for all skin types based on alpha - and beta-hydroxy acids, It has an exfoliating, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiparasitic effect, brightens and depigmentes, softens the stratum corneum of the skin, providing an even relief and color.

It has a rejuvenating effect, stimulates cell renewal.

Salicylic acid softens the upper stratum corneum of the skin and plugs in the sebaceous ducts, prevents the formation of comedones, has antiseptic, antibacterial, keratolytic properties, prevents the appearance of pustular inflammation. It has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antiparasitic effect. It does not require neutralization.


Apply to skin and evenly distribute


Additional Information
Active componentslactic acid, salicylic acid, urea, carbolic acid, biosulfur

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