How to Preserve the Youth of Face Skin?

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Eternal youth and beauty is the dream of every woman! We often choose either the wrong path or the wrong methods in pursuit of this dream. How to slow down the aging process? And how to find your way to a long youth?

In fact, there are rules for skin care, the observance of which significantly delay the appearance of the first wrinkles. And the appeared wrinkles (time does not stop), will not become very deep and disgusting. Let's open the curtain before the secrets of female beauty and youth!


  1. Drink water (up to 2.5 liters per day). Water is life! It flushes harmful substances from the body.
  2. Wash face morning and evening! Never and under no circumstances leave cosmetics for the night. The long-known fact - ignoring the washing, incorrect or partial removal of makeup for three months leads to a sharp aging of the skin and can add to your appearance 5-7 years. So, do not be lazy for your youth! Please, note that you need to wash properly! First, do not use a hard soap - it dries your skin and has a deplorable result. It should be washed with special cosmetics to remove makeup - gels and foams. Secondly, do not rub your face with a towel. Gently pat it, avoiding stretchy skin movements.
  3. Remember the importance of scrub! Many of us underestimate scrubs and peelings. This is a big mistake. They deeply cleanse the skin, remove the necrotic layer, and stimulate blood circulation. Use the scrub at least once a week and you will appreciate the healthy color of your skin and the feeling of freshness.
  4. Tone the skin! Wipe the face with a tonic or lotion to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment after washing and cleaning. For problematic and oily skin, use lotions to narrow the pores. Tonics with alcohol content are contraindicated for dry skin.
  5. Face massage! The muscles for the face must be kept toned. Combine washing with a massage. And even better, do massage with ice cubes. This massage tones, refreshes and invigorates. You can freeze broths of herbs or water with the addition of essential oils.
  6. Moistening! The final stage is the cream. It is very important to choose a cream for your skin type and age. There is one rule - each cream has its own time. Apply moisturizing cream in the morning and nourishing cream in the evening. It is sufficient to use a moisturizing cream and protective in the cold season for women under 25. Anti-stress cosmetics are needed for women aged 26-35 years. And the creams with the lifting effect become necessary only after 36 years. If you use the cream ahead of time, you can get the opposite result.
  7. Do not forget about face masks! They are of different purposes. Choose what you need and rejoice your skin once a week at least. Alternate cosmetic masks ( with home-made masks.
  8.  Protect your skin with SPF creams! The sun slows down the processes of skin regeneration, thereby speeding up the aging process. Use sunscreen and makeup with SPF protection.
  9. Pay attention to the skin around the eyes! It is thin and sensitive in these places. Do not use face cream! There are special creams to care for the delicate skin around the eyes.
  10. Smile and be positive! A smile gives a face a special light that visually reduces the actual age. Be incredibly happy and young! Be fabulous!


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