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How To Choose A Makeup Remover

Posted by nikols 22/10/2016 0 Comments

The product for removing make-up plays a huge role in the facial skin care maintaining its youth and health. In our modern times it is hard to imagine a successful woman without makeup. But no matter how expensive is the decorative cosmetics a woman uses, it must be removed in the evening to allow the skin to breathe and relax. Make-up should be removed carefully: even the smallest particles of makeup remaining on the skin of the face can cause serious skin problems, trigger inflammation and allergic reactions. However, not every product copes with the removal of makeup perfectly. Many makeup removers have an aggressive effect on the skin, desiccate it, violate metabolism in tissues, clog pores, or provoke skin rashes and irritation.

Choosing makeup remover should be made responsibly. First of all, because it is being used on a daily basis and on its quality will depend on how long your skin will glow with youth and health. In addition to quality, it is important to decide on your skin type and its characteristics. As you know, there are four most common types of skin: dry, oily, normal, and combination. Also, the skin can be sensitive no matter the type it is. Based on the type of skin, it is possible to start the selection of the individual product. To date, there are following options of makeup removers: milk, lotion, gel, foam, oil, and a two-phase make up remover. You have to select the product that suits your skin type. Happy owners of normal skin type can experiment with the choice, as almost all of these tools will do for them. Let's talk about makeup removers in more detail.


This product reminds milk in its consistency and color, that’s from comes its name. Cleansing milk is rich in fat and moisturizing components. Applied on the skin, it literally melts cosmetics, and it does not need to be washed off. This product will not work for the owners of oily skin, as it might provoke a feeling of oily film on the skin. The cleansing milk is desired to have vitamin E and essential oils in the composition, as well as green tea extract, soybean extract, cocoa butter.

List of Cleansing Milk products


The consistency of the gel allows lather it with water and wash off cosmetics. In fact, in the foamed state it is not different from the cleansing foam, but it is much more economical. The gel is perfect for cleansing oily and combination skin, one of its functions is to clean the pores and narrow them. The most effective is the gel, in which there are chamomile and calendula extracts, panthenol, and azulene. All that will have a positive effect on problem skin. But for dry skin this product is not suitable, gel can even trigger redness and inflammation. After washing with the gel there should be used moisturizer. The gel is also not suitable for removing makeup from eyes because of its fairly aggressive effect on the skin.

List of Cleansing Gel products


Oil makeup remover not only helps to remove makeup, but also makes the skin more hydrated and supple. The oil has beneficial effects on the eyelashes and is a perfect way to remove make-up. However, individual response of your skin to oil make-up remover can be quite unpredictable. Oil may well cause the appearance of comedones, clog pores and worsen the skin condition. Therefore, removing makeup with special oil is the best for the owners of dry skin.


This tool is a combination of water and oil bases, before its use the vial should be shaken. This product allows you to remove make-up gently, leaving no tangible trace of fat. This product is perfect for removing waterproof makeup, make-up on the lips and eyes. Although the two-phase product very effectively copes with the make-up, it does not fit all. Its effect on specific skin is not predictable, as the agent can leave the skin feeling dry and vice versa, to create an oily film effect.


Toner and lotion are transparent, have a liquid consistency. They are used at the final stage of the removal of makeup. Lotions are often composed of alcohol. Toner are toning and soothing the skin, and are mainly a flower or thermal water with acid solutions. Both toner and lotion and cannot be used to remove makeup residue from the lips and eyes.

Cosmetics makeup remover should be used with caution. Do not rub it into the skin, and do not apply to designated areas like eyes and lips. It is recommended to use a cotton pad, removing make-up slowly, along the massage lines, letting the products to reach their full potential.  

List of Lotions

List of Toners

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