Best Anti-aging Ingredients In Cosmetics

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Skin aging is an inevitable process, but it can and should be fought. The reason for the natural aging of skin lies in the collagen production reducing, resulting in skin losing its firmness and elasticity. Getting rid of the first signs of aging or even helping prevent them will help properly selected and effective care cosmetics.

The high time to do the prevention of skin aging is 25 years, then in 45 you'll look 35, and in 55 like 40. After 30 skin regeneration processes are slowing down, which means that you need to help your skin, nourish it with essential vitamins and start using quality anti-aging remedies that will help to get rid of and prevent wrinkles, pigmentation, dull complexion and will moisturize the skin. The main sign of quality cosmetics are the following ingredients in the composition, which are nowadays recognized as the most effective anti-aging ingredients in the world:



Retinoid is well studied and its positive effect on the skin is repeatedly proved. They speed up the renewal of skin cells, do not give collagen cleave and make the skin smooth and supple. The result of the application is visible in 3-6 months, but the first improvements will become visible after a month of use. Cosmetics with retinoid must be used at night so that the skin gets used. Wonderfully-proven means of Anna Lotan - Greens Vital Lifting Fluid. This fluid contains not only retinol, but also cucumber extract and Centella Asiatica, linoleic acid and valuable oils.


Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a very powerful moisturizer, created by nature itself. Acid accelerates regeneration and new cells. Try Natur - Edelweiss Anti Aging Serum - an excellent product which includes not only the hyaluronic acid, but also natural oils that moisturize the skin effectively.



Hydroquinone helps get rid of age spots and pigmentation, which often appear on the skin due to an excess of sunlight. Hydroquinone blocks the production of melanin and exfoliates dead skin cells. As one of these creams has proven itself Anna Lotan - C White Formula, an ideal day cream for mature, pigmented skin. Cream effectively fights skin aging. Rich in vitamin C, it neutralizes free radicals and stimulates regeneration and protects the skin from harmful environmental exposures.



Creams and serum antioxidants stabilize free radicals and prevent them from harming the skin. The most popular antioxidants: enzyme Q10, vitamin C, vitamin A, grape seed extract, lutein and green tea extract. The perfect product for that purpose is antioxidant-rich serum Renew - Golden Age Massage Multivitamin Serum. Serum contains a multi-vitamin complex, natural oils and vitamins that instantly improve the skin's appearance, making it young and healthy. It must be applied on the skin after a light exfoliation. Squeeze a small amount onto hand and rub into the skin with massaging movements.


Alpha hydroxyl acids (fruit acids)

These substances do an excellent job with the exfoliation of dead skin cells. With age, when the process of renewal of skin cells slows down significantly, Alpha hydroxyl acids help to restore youth and beauty.



The sun protection cosmetic is required to be used at any age. After 25 neglecting the ultraviolet rays is a crime against your skin. Even if there are clouds in the sky use makeup with SPF filters. In this category one of my favorite new products is Anna Lotan - Clear Protector Oil Free Sunscreen Gel SPF 32, with high protection against UVA / UVB. The cream is easily absorbed, and the extract of Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and algae extract protect against free radicals.


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